diamond rings
diamond rings

Looking for an engagement ring can be a thrilling experience. It's not an easy task but totally worth it, especially when she said “YES” to your proposal.

But today, we are not talking about how you will make her say yes with a romantic date nor with a tear-jerking speech. Instead, we will talk about four things you should consider in buying the perfect engagement ring to celebrate a once-in-a-lifetime love you found.

Before getting into the major points, let’s start with the basics. Like any other major purchase, you need to know the made and model, advantages and disadvantages, specifications, and unique features. An elegant engagement ring is not only about the size of the stone. There are different cuts of stones, colors, and clarity. While precious metals can also be yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, silver, platinum, and even palladium.

But what makesan engagement ring is so special?An engagement ring is so special because it entails your commitment to your partner. And if we will look back to the history behind engagement rings, it signifies a bond between families, a pact of unity. Therefore, engagement ring value relies not only on monetary value but also on culture and sentimental value. And engagement rings are also considered one of the important heirlooms usually passed from generation to generation. But if you’re not a lucky guy who had the right to get such valuable inheritance, it must be the right time to start one for the generations after you.

Now, let’s start with the few pointers that can help you through the daunting task of selecting the perfect stone, band, and overall masterpiece for your future bride.

#1 Right before going to a jewelry store, make a budget.

The first step is to figure out how much money you have. Although not everyone can afford the massive diamond set in a gold band, there are alternatives. You can narrow down your search by determining your budget ahead of time. Practicality doesn’t mean cheap. Instead, it means making a sensible decision as you keep in mind that buying an engagement ring is only the beginning of your wedding plan, where you must know what smart budgeting is.

If you are looking for a beautiful engagement ring but don’t want to break your bank, we can gladly assist you by suggesting what fits your budget.

#2 Consider her style

Sure, a big chunky diamond can give a striking impression, but if your soon-to-be wife is not into it, then a cute minimalist solitaire ring will also do as much. Besides, it is still the thought that counts and the memories that go with it. Considering your future wife will be wearing this ring for the rest of her life, it must fit her entire style. Pay attention to the type of precious metal she is wearing. Is she dressed in gold? Is she dressed in silver? Is she into huge, bulky jewelry, or is she more relaxed?

#3 Select a Diamond

You can choose your stone once you've got a sense of her style and your budget. The shape of the diamond and its color, clarity, and carat weight are all considerations. The more clarity a diamond has, the more valuable it is. The more weight a diamond has, the more valuable it is. You can speak with a jewelry specialist to learn more about which stones are most suitable for the amount of money you want to spend.

#4 Choose a Reliable Jewelry Store

One might say that when you are going to spend a fortune, make sure to spend it on the brands that put a lot of value on their name. But being in the jewelry business for over 30 years in the jewelry business I can attest that it is not always the name but the commitment of the brand to the product. And that’s what ACC Jewelers is all about.

When it comes to proposing, there's a reason why engagement rings are so important. Your chosen ring will be worn for an extended period, if not the rest of their lives, by your partner. It's essential to find something that fits their style and aesthetics while also functional. While it may seem that the more glamour and shine, the better, it is a waste of money if your partner is not a showy person. Look for anything that makes you think of your soon-to-be bride. If you can't, make one yourself! Alfredo Consulting's professional jewelers are happy to guide you in choosing what suits you the best.



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