3 Practical Reason Why You MUST (Buy) Invest In Gold Jewelry
3 Practical Reason Why You MUST (Buy) Invest In Gold Jewelry

Learn the 3 Practical Reasons Why You MUST Buy Invest in Gold Jewelry today. And discover that jewelry is not only a luxury item but an investment.

3 practical reason why you must invest in gold jewelry

If you ask me personally why you should buy jewelry, I can give you a hundred reasons or even more. Especially since I grew up in this industry, I witnessed how precious metal is turned into a masterpiece. And with all the fantastic side stories, I am more than willing to make you realize that buying gold jewelry is a MUST.


Let's get real here, jewelry even in ancient times, it has been used to express personal art and fashion preferences. That is why the first gold ornaments linked to the first civilizations are earrings and arm cuffs because these pieces are one of the most common accessories worn by our ancestors.


And this gold jewelry paired with precious stones like diamonds is timeless. Yes, there might be changing fashion trends for clothing and shoes. But with gold and diamonds, time and directions are irrelevant. Because as you can observe, vintage-style jewelry pieces such as chandelier earrings and chunky necklaces are still in the market up to date. They even complement the most modern fashion trends.


Compared to other luxury items such as bags, shoes, clothes, gadgets, and even cars, jewelry is the most low-maintenance.

First, leather bags and shoes require special cleaning care to avoid scratches. And even humidity can affect their color and texture. That is why you have to keep them in a well-ventilated and moist-proof storage.

Secondly is luxury clothes, which also require extra care for washing and ironing. Plus, you cannot wear most of them throughout the year because particular high-end fabric like cashmere is not fitted to hot weather. At the same time, silk will make you shiver if you wear them in winter.

And lastly, high-end gadgets and cars require time to time upgrades to keep them working. Let's take smartphones for an instant; developers update their operating systems (OS) every year. Therefore, in 3 to 5 years, your smartphone's hardware cannot match the advancement of the developer’s OS, which makes them obsolete. While with cars, you need to have them checked regularly to make sure that they work well not only for aesthetic purposes but for your safety, and it means regular maintenance expenses.


On the other hand, jewelry only requires polishing and cleaning. And hot water and dishwashing soap is a quick fix for that. And jewelry doesn't need any update because gold jewelry and diamonds are timeless.


This, for me, is one of the most practical and logical reasons why gold jewelry is a good investment. The value of gold doesn't depreciate, and if you check the historical records of international trade and markets of gold, the trend is always going up. There are times that the prices plateau a bit, but it NEVER goes down drastically. The cost of gold increases at least 10-20% conservatively. And believe it or not, most rich people keep their net worth growing by investing in gold. It's like keeping your money in a bank that provides you with constant annual interest without a need to pay gain taxes.

And it is a practical choice because gold is considered good as cash compared to other financial investments. You can sell it without too much paper works or processing fee compared to financial bonds and securities.

Again, these are just 3 of the practical reasons why you should buy or, should I say, invest in gold jewelry. It is more fitted to call it an investment because you are getting more value than what you paid for in the long run.

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