Things You Can Do For Your Mom This Mother’s Day
Things You Can Do For Your Mom This Mother’s Day


Simple yet sweet ideas to make this coming Mother’s Day extra special for your Mom.

No matter how young or old you are you have that sweet spot in your heart that is only reserved for your mom. And whether you agree or not, no matter how much you disagree with your mom as you grow up, still she’s one of the first people you want to run to when things are getting rough. Because whether we like it or not, we all have that unique connection with our mothers that no one can replicate.

Now, let’s move on with our business today! In a few weeks now we are going to celebrate Mother’s Day and it is a known fact that this celebration is one of the most commercialized occasions. And though our blog title indicates the words “extra special” that doesn’t mean you need to end up broke after Mother’s Day.

So here are a few suggestions we prepare for you:

#1 Spend QUALITY TIME with your Mom.

Have I emphasized it enough? QUALITY TIME means no other distraction like business calls while you are with her. Put down your phone! One sad truth we are all confronting today is that “social media allow us to socialize with our friends that are far from us. And keep us away from the people around us.” Just try to observe yourself how often do you check your phone in a day? So there, if you want to commit your time with your Mom this Mother’s Day set your phone to flight mode for a day and give her your full attention. Listen to her even if she’s telling you stories that you have already memorized over the years.

#2 Paperless greeting card.

Nowadays, with the readily available technology, you can go old school with a modern twist. Like creating a greeting card but since we are moving toward a sustainable lifestyle you can actually design a digital greeting card for your mom. Different free online designing tools are available like You can create a photo collage in your greeting card to bring your mom to a happy memory lane. Again, this is sustainable and free, with just a little effort, creativity, and lots of love your Mom will surely appreciate it.

#3 Buy her jewelry.

This is pretty direct to the point. But if you have money for it why not. Jewelry lasts longer than a bottle of expensive perfume. Its value never depreciates like most luxury clothes or shoes. And it is low maintenance compared to the new smartphones on the market.

There are different kinds of jewelry you can choose from like the following:

  • PROMISE RING or BRACELET– this is to signify your unique bond that started when your umbilical cord is still attached to her body.
  • Diamond Earrings – speaking of the timeless and pure love of a mother, is there any better stone compared to a diamond that can embody our mother’s love?
  • Mother Ring– this ring is usually set with your and your siblings’ birthstones to honor your mom’s sacrifices to raise wonderful children.
  • Necklace with a locket pendant- usually it is the parents who give this kind of necklace to their children. But is there really a written rule about it? So go ahead and give your mom a necklace that can always remind her that there is always someone who treasures her a lot.

So there, if you agree with this blog don’t forget to share it with your friends or loved ones. Who knows one of them is also thinking of surprising their mom this Mother’s Day.

For other jewelry gift ideas please go over our collections and don’t hesitate to ask our account specialists if you have any questions, just click the button below. Who knows you might be getting an exclusive discount for your Mother’s Day gift for your mom!

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