Extraordinary Valentine
Extraordinary Valentine
extraordinary valentine


Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year have gone by, and another special holiday is just around the corner. Yup! Valentines Day seems overrated for some. But if you are one of the people who celebrate love and being in love, Valentine’s Day celebration is a MUST.

And here we want to share some practical ideas to make your Valentine’s Day with or without a lover beside you.

#1 Romantic Dinner

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We know that COVID-19 has hit most industries, including restaurants and hotels. And it becomes harder and harder to book reservations to fine dining places as more stringent restrictions are implemented. But romantic dinner is still doable, and you just need to draw out a little creativity to make it happen.

Good for you if you know how to cook because you can easily ace the dining part. But if not, you still have two weeks to learn how to cook the favorite dish of your date. And if all efforts fail, there are many restaurants offering food delivery options, so make sure to do your research now and keep their contacts at hand for plan B.

The bottom line still boils to the fact that you want to celebrate valentine’s day with a fancy stress-proof dinner with your partner. Therefore, if cooking will be a fun bonding time for both of you, then go for it but if it only increases your stress level, go for plan B.

And make your romantic dinner even more special with this Journey Diamond Heart Pendant to immortalize your journey together.

#2 Plant Together

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Being on lockdown for almost two years now, most of us have developed a gardening hobby. Therefore, isn’t it amazing to commemorate your 2022 Valentine’s Day with new plots or pots of greens?

Some of you might think that planting is a boring hobby, but studies show that working with soil and greens is actually good for your mental health. And it was observed during the pandemic that those who developed gardening hobbies were less likely to develop depression because they could channel their energy into something more meaningful.

Isn’t it nice to celebrate Valentine’s with more colors other than red like this Colorful Love Necklace? Like colorful flowers in spring, we wish that your love for each other flourish and remain blooming.

#3 Watch a Movie

It may sound like a little old-school thing. But be honest, what we consider “old-school” romantic yet harmless dates are the ones we lack nowadays. That’s why when the spark and excitements quickly died down, only a few considered going back to the “basics,” and that is why only a few survived. 

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But if going to theaters is not an option for you, you can recreate movie bonding with a Netflix marathon. Just make sure to buy a bag of popcorn and your favorite drinks for the complete theatre vibe experience.

And like the old movies that are still on Netflix that you can watch repeatedly, this Infinity Diamond Ring signifies your love for each other that you can revisit any time of the day.

These ideas might be “old” for you, but in this extraordinary time where the pandemic still limits our options, it gives us hope that we can still enjoy life. If we only learn how to appreciate the beauty of simple things in creating extraordinary memories this coming Valentine’s Day.

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